Time-stamped Comments on Soqqle Mobile

A common ask from users earlier was whether we could timestamp comments on videos. This could help solve a problem where after watching 3 minutes of videos, you (as a teacher) forget what you wanted to feedback to the student. Perhaps you are writing it down on a piece o paper. But if you have a lot of videos, this may be very time-consuming and tedious to do. Finally you are now able to add time-stamped comments on Soqqle on the mobile application.

To get started, you can tap on the text 'timed comments' when you open up the comments in a video.

Comments box for a video

Upon tapping on the Timed comments, a new comments interface opens up for which you can add a comment, play/pause the video or move back 5 seconds. After a comment is added at a timestamp, the comments are sorted by the timestamp and displayed at the bottom. By tapping on the timestamp, the video will move to the relevant timing.

You can add comment at a time stamp, pause, rewind and minimise the window

Now you can give feedback on specific timing in a video making it easier for students to track their progress.

You may then be wondering how is this different from regular comments? You can use regular comments for general feedback or questions and answers. Time stamped comments provide more contextual feedback.

Any questions let us know! infra@soqqle.com

Daniel Shen

Daniel Shen