Currently in Rooms...

In the current version of Soqqle, users join private rooms set up by their teachers. Within the rooms students accomplish tasks like videos, pictures and discussions.

As the content in a room start to pile up, there is a need for teachers to segregate content. This helps students to better group their activities accordingly.

The current interface allows users to click on a + icon on the main screen, select the access code they have access to and tap on a group pre-created by the teacher.

Sounds simple right? In execution it is anything but. Almost every class we tried had an issue with managing rooms.

Even our teachers were struggling with it. I believe this is because of the concept of Rooms. When a room is imagined, often there are a few things we consider:

  1. What is a room?
  2. How big is the room?
  3. What happens when it is full?
  4. How do i find the room? How do i enter the room?
  5. How do i exit the room?

Unfortunately there's just too many, and so very often teachers themselves don't want to create them. Therefore they use it less.

In other scenarios, students can't find the rooms and just post content randomly, in older rooms.

We tried to implement a clone room feature too. This was certainly better as users will 'automatically' be migrated and students do not need to do anything to be added.

But still it doesn't solve the actual problem of handling and managing rooms. The solution needs to be simpler and easier to understand.

So in our next version, we will be removing rooms completely.

A new concept of tagging will be used instead. And we borrow from an existing major social app in the market today.

We will share it in a future post.