Feedback on Soqqle

Student feedback is provided in different ways. Both teacher to student and student to student.

Soqqle is built to allow classes to engage in a whole new way. Besides teacher to student feedback, the application also allows peer to peer engagement. The benefits of these can be quite unique.

Teacher to Student

You can go to the web dashboard ( You need to be logged in to the same account as the account that you created the tag on the mobile. This is so the application knows that you are the tag owner and are authorized to give ratings.

You can also give ratings on the mobile application. On each post, you will see the option to give stars (labelled with 'Admin Rating') at the top of the post.

Once you tap on the stars, you will have the option to give a private feedback. The private feedback will appear on the student's 'Me' page on the mobile so that it will appear all in one place for easy tracking.

Students sees the ratings and private feedback on his 'Me' page

Student to Student

Students were also looking for interesting ways to give peer to peer ratings. Therefore we created 'audience rating'. This can be seen by everyone.

What does the stars mean?

We encourage you to map stars to rubrics. Share this with your students so they have a better idea of how rubrics work. They will also be able to clearly reflect on what type of content give good results.

Courtesy of Aderina Febriana (Prasetiya Mulya University)

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Daniel Shen

Daniel Shen