Error Handling

Error handling hasn't been our strength. We need to improve it now.

I don’t know who dropped this in Leeds city centre but I feel their disappointment.
We were not able to capture and support efficiently, when errors happen

The current method that we have been working with our lecturers was to get their students to reach out to me (Daniel) directly through Whatsapp or Telegram. This has been quite inefficient because sometimes the process requires a few more clicks, to reach out.

Our next release will allow users to directly reach out to support (myself) directly. Our main prefered channels are Telegram and Facebook.

We also expanded extensively the number / type of errors we capture throughout the app. Unfortunately our application previously wasn't very good at catching errors. As we become better and understand use cases now, we can focus on the right activities.

The main activities that we need to ensure ar captured are:

  1. Uploading of videos. These sometimes disappear halfway. Students are unable to find out what happened
  2. Compression. The file size sometimes is too big and compression fails. Or for some other reason.
  3. Other misc bugs: These were mostly due to some unnecessary features but we have removed them now so we can just focus on the right activities. However we have included error catching in every single API call we have on our app.
Daniel Shen

Daniel Shen