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Upcoming Kickstarter Educational Video Games in 2019

Game Based Learning has been the rage in 2018. Youths demand more and more engagement during their study, and educators are taking note. More and more research is place for informal learning and it's related pedagogies. Social Learning and Self-Directed Learning are some of the major focuses.

Games show that learning can be made fun and engaging. As youths play games they play a prosumer role in consuming content and re-creating their own. This way, they perform a type of experiential learning. And it's this type of learning that is deemed to help youths learn the critical thinking skills needed as a 21st century skill.

In this article we talk more about how Educational Games are being created in the platform Kickstarter.

Kickstarter has been a dynamic platform for creators to transform ideas into reality. One major category is in educational games. Kickstarter video games are among the most funded projects so far. These games range from action to adventure, horror to educational ones.

The video games have seen their dawn in the last quarter of 2018 and are just behind the tabletop games regarding funding. However, there is an upward trend in demand for Kickstarter education videos games in 2019. For the interest of readers, some upcoming handy education games are listed below:


SafyKids is a form of digital education for children through a video game. Mobile is not a safe place to use for kids because of cyber pulling, trolling and sexual exploitation. So this game is designed to encourage children to learn with the flair of fun in the digital world instead of indulging in useless activities.

Follow them here: https://twitter.com/safykids

The Brain Train:

It is one of the Kickstarter campaigns which consist of an interactive storybook. Its primary emphasis is to improve general knowledge and practical skills in the students. The Brain Train gaming app has many captivating features such as puzzles, mini-games, hilarious cast, and exciting story that make it a perfect Kickstarter project

Follow them here:  https://twitter.com/BrainTrainApp

Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning

This is the full version of Baldi’s Basics in Education and Learning which became viral after its launch. The underlying game theme is to collect seven notebooks and escape the school, and during this escape, a teacher named Baldi’s monitors you. In the same time, additional characters could become your facilitator or impede your progress depending upon player's decision making power. It has been one of the top-rated kickstarted video games. The full version has plenty of new features such as randomly generated levels, eye-catching themes, and new characters.

Follow them here:  https://www.facebook.com/Baldis-Basics-in-Education-and-Learning-111122539770423/

Squally: A Video Game to Teach Hacking

Squally is an RPG game in the form of the 2D puzzle. It allows you to learn to hack funnily without boring lectures, lessons, and experience. A twelve-year newbie can comprehend the fundamental phenomenon of hacking. For experts, it is more challenging as they progress to advanced level.  Topics such as data structures, data sciences are gradually introduced instead of clustering at once. In a nutshell, it is a Kickstarter project which enables you to learn the most difficult part of digital learning in the coolest manner.

Follow them here:  https://twitter.com/SquallyGame

Bug Academy

Bug academy is another useful addition for education lovers. The game revolves around a school in which insects are students. The developers have designed this game to educate the children through insects while performing various human tasks such as herding, packaging, extinguishing fire and space flight through a series of lessons. Tasks related to fine-arts such as painting, dancing are also part of the lessons. The game also allows choosing your own insect or group of insects and increasing or decreasing their speed of action.

Follow them here:  https://twitter.com/Play_Way


Soqqle is a new type of social community app that allows youths to come together to discover goals and find like-minded friends to work together. As they complete tasks they gain rewards that can be used to upgrade their characters and gain side quests. At the moment, Soqqle is working with educational institutions to onboard as an extension tool beyond learning management systems.

Follow at https://twitter.com/soqqlegaming

Upcoming Kickstarter Educational Video Games in 2019
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