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7 Trending Educational Games on Kickstarter

Gamification and Education is the rage. A new era of educational games has spun off trends in edutech. We deep dive into the ones making a difference this Autumn in Kickstarter.

Educational Games in Financial Literacy


Cryptomania is the one of the best Edugame focused on Crypto on Kickstarter. It gives you a quick and deep knowledge of the real life crypto currency business and how they work. This game is perfect for those people who want to enter the field of trading and crypto currencies but are afraid to do so in the real life.

Cryptomania board game allows you to practice this skill without any fear of money loss which can occur in real time crypto world. Play this game with your friends and master the art of trading with Cryptomania.

Follow them on Kickstarter and Twitter @cryptomaniag4m3.

The Entrepreneur Board Game

The real-life lessons and tips that will help you become an entrepreneur can be found via gaming on Kickstarter. With this Entrepreneur Edugame, you enter a real-time environment of business and entrepreneurship and learn tips to avoid all of the bankruptcies. You start by making a home based business and then competing with your opponents to build and grow your market.

Investing money at the right time and making quick decisions helps to build the confidence required to be an entrepreneur in this world. Want to be successful in the world of banking and marketing? The Entrepeneur Board game is the first step to be taken.

Follow their Kickstarter here, or catch Elliot on Twitter here.

Financial Fun Boxes for Girls

This unique edugame teaches the kids about the way they need to spend, earn, save and invest their money. With Kickstarter’s financial fun boxes for Girls, girls and young children will easily get an early start of managing their financial matters. One of the really noble interesting goals is to make it easy for parents to introduce the topic of finance to their childen. In today's world, the concept is hard even for adults to understand, forget about kids!

This game is available for the children of ages 5 to 9 to give them life-long lessons on budgetary management.  Check out their Kickstarter here.

Follow their journey on Twitter: @DinaShoman (CEO),  @inherQuests

Rocket Piggy

A digitlized piggy bank. Wow thats cool. We used to think of piggy bank as just a routine putting $1 every day into. However we never understood the real basics of financial concepts with that. Rocket piggy aims to create a flow, or operational process around how things evolve around money. They incorporate jobs, chores, allowances, education, and more into one simple app.

Follow their journey on Kickstarter.

Educational Games in Learning

Soqqle Digispace MMORPEG

Soqqle was created to bridge the divide between today's education system and human resources. Their objective aims to use core concepts in games (etc. heroes, avatars, story-telling) to motivate users towards being productive and growing. With 6 pre-defined heroes, users browse skills that they may be interested in and kickstart a journey towards learning those skills. Learning is done by completing tasks related to research and answering open-ended quizzes. Soqqle also brings in external companies (brands) to set up achievements and rewards to encourage public good.

Kickstarter is to be created! Follow on Twitter for updates:  @soqqlegaming
Sign up on Beta: soqqle.com

Baldi’s basics in Education and Learning

This game is a parody of 90’s horror themed game.  After coming 2nd place in the 2018 Meta Game Jam, the game quickly caught on as a viral phenomenon and has since been downloaded over one million times.  

In this Kickstarter, the player has to collect the seven notebooks present in school and then flee. But when doing this you have to avoid a teacher named Baldi, who is keeping out an ear for you. So you basically have to make a run while minimizing the chances of being heard. You also have to be careful about the other characters in the game in order to complete it.

This combination of weird and suspense makes this game an addictive choice for Edugaming.

Catch them on Kickstarter here (finished), update #12 was provided on Nov 3 here. Twitter: mystman12

Unique Virtual reality MMORPG

Orbus Virtual Reality

WIth a more unique touch on an upcoming futuristic technology, we deep dive into an immersive use of technology for virtual reality.

Do you love exploring exotic gaming zones? Orbus VR is the most favorite MMORPG VR game present on Kickstarter. Infact, this is the only MMORPG game which has gained a successful funding whilst staying on Virtual reality grounds. The game is a room-scale VR experience of fantasy MMO.

Players get to enjoy combat on different levels; each level possessing its own set of unique combating skills. Speaking of exploration, Orbus VR is filled with elements, landscapes,and magical regions to satiate your thirst for fantasy. If you dig further into the game, it offers multiple chances for improving your crafting skills via requirements like alchemy, artificing,and fishing.

A first beta weekend has been announced this week. Read here.

Twitter:  OrbusVR

That's all this week!

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7 Trending Educational Games on Kickstarter
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