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Top 5 hottest games for PC in 2018

As we get closer to the end of 2018, we look into the top games that has jumped into the scene. Here's the top 5 from 1 player games, multiplayer games and RPG games.

Dead Cells- Best 1 player games PC


Despite its roguelike title, Dead Cells has impressively managed to stand out from the pile of many other online games which fit their description in an exact manner. Demanding faster reflexes, the game features a 2D pixel fast combat mode suitable for players who love the adrenaline rush.

It is all a matter of finishing one level that you can finally cash out your points for purchasing weapons and getting character upgrades which will lead you to an enormous new pool of amazing weapons ever seen in a PC Game.

Mad Max- Adventure 1 player games PC


Fancy playing a game in which you can cruise around in a brand new world whilst listening to Halsey's Gasoline song? MadMax is the right pick for you. Laden with numerous cruise based gaming modes, MadMax 2 is one of the best 1 player games PC which features regular car racing mode, car combat mode, and Arkham Styled punching mode.

Don't worry if you get tired of Arkham Styled punching mode in this PC Game as you can easily switch to using a shotgun. Although the plot is violent and gritty adventure based, a sad and angry man will be the one playing it on screen.

FORTNITE- Popular multiplayer games PC


Are you a fan of conquering the world? If so, Fortnite is the best multiplayer game for you. Out of the latest multiplayer games PC, FORTNITE has gained a massive popularity within a short interval of time- all thanks to its loyal and ever-thrilled fan base which never leaves an opportunity to express its love for this thrilling game.

FORTNITE- Battle Royale gets a special mention in our hottest games because it is an advanced version of its previously successful FORTNITE-Save the World Mode. The game is full of shooting, survival elements and an intriguing mix of building structures aimed at conquering the world.

COUNTER-STRIKE: GLOBAL OFFENSIVE- Thriller multiplayer games PC


Sizzling with an overwhelming origin story, Counter-Strike:Global Offensive has won the hearts of many loyal multiplayer games PC fans yet again. If you are looking for a break from its previous Half-Life 1 mode, CS: GO is here to save the day for you.

Originally conceived as an ambitious console port developed for experimentation on Xbox and PlayStation gamers, the game have successfully won the love of PC gamers as well. You can find the consistently thrilling shooter sensation along with weapon skins support and a whole new cottage industry developed solely for trading purposes on CS: GO.

Grim Dawn- Best RPG games PC


Venturing to find something to satiate your thirst for something magical? Grim Dawn is the best RPG games PC for this purpose. Enter into a well-made best RPG and step into a world full of monsters which await you to slay them in their droves.

Although the game lacks twisting plots, it is all about single-handedly destroying armies and leveling up your position in the game into advanced nemesis heroes and pinning harder, villainous mobs.

Top 5 hottest games for PC in 2018
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