The Genesis

Have you ever wondered how its like to be able to unlock your human potential?

And surge towards the future?

But there is a problem

  1. We have all been told that we should live our lives a certain way, and constantly listen to others who aren't really any smarter then who we are.
  2. There is too much clutter around us and it is difficult to make sense of what we could excel with
  3. Its not easy to find others who have common interests. and chances of people around us with similar dreams, is unlikely.

What if

Technology could,

  1. Make it effortless to explore what is happening around us?
  2. Kick-start learning for new trends easily, to make better decisions for how we spend our time
  3. Make it seamless to link our interests to cool new things around us?

Introducing Soqqle

Using games to create, and inspire future generations. Starting with you!

Soqqle is created to use concepts in games to create a bigger future for everyone. Removing the restrictions that today is kept around us.

Soqqle universe consist of:

  1. 6 houses from technology, business and engineering
  2. 6 heroes that you can follow that reflect unique cool abilities
  3. Multiple tasks from learning tasks to tasks powered by companies with common goals as you
  4. Unique technologies like Blockchain which promises to join societies together under common goals and interests. Achievements earned are seen by all.

Why you should join us now

  1. Be part of a bigger and wider order of living. With people just like you.
  2. Gather new reputation points that is seen by real people in the real world. Including companies.
  3. Level up learning experience and progress your life in the direction you really want
  4. Gain cool rewards (called Soqqle Sparks) that can be used both in your journey as well as for real benefits in the real world

Why Kickstarter?

To discover new pioneering early adopters and passionate folks who can build up the "kingdom" together.

Are there any cool rewards from the kickstarter?

  1. Cool titles that will be locked down on the Blockchain
  2. Enterprise Version where companies and brands can get bonus sparks to motivate and encourage your communities
  3. Renewable Potions with all kinds of benefits like bonus sparks and experience points
  4. Unlock Special Storylines
  5. Early Access
  6. Game Artwork / Collectible Edition
  7. Comics

The Genesis
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