Soqqle Updates 15 Feb 2019

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  1. Speeches: Game x AI, PitchLab, DataX, BlockHedge
  2. Pilot for 2 schools in Singapore in Apr 2019
  3. 2 new articles embedded on Educational Games

Game x AI speech

On 20th Feb, Soqqle will be speaking at the Game x AI event. Our Founder, Daniel will share how gaming and artificial intelligence could come together. Gaming is a major interest in the Artificial Intelligence market. We think that unlocking how people learn in games to achieve objectives is important.

AI could unlock ways to discover better productivity through automation.

Register here:

2. PitchLab, Soqqle

Soqqle pitched on 11 Feb about their revolutionary product.

The social learning market in education has had major gaps.

The opportunity to fulfill this gap cannot be underestimated. The audience feedback was fantastic. The energy, the motivation and positivity around such an initiative was electric. View the presentation here.

3. DATAX Singapore - 6 March

Soqqle will present the big data problem on March 6 130pm in Suntec as part of the DATAX conference. How can organizations without data set itself apart in a world where data is king? We talk more a new approach in terms of product innovation.

The new story of unlocking new data for organizations.

4. Block-Hedge Bangkok - 28 March

Daniel will speak in Block-Hedge 2019 in Bangkok. Education is an industry in dire need for engagement.

Blockchain could be the key to unlock new motivations.

This is the 2nd time Daniel has spoken in this Blockchain event. With a new type of educational game, Soqqle looks to introduce gamification as a mechanism for the eco-system.

5. Pilot for 2 schools in Singapore

Our app is planed for two schools in Apr 2019. Its amazing. stay tuned!

One major problem today in classrooms are encouraging new student motivations for 21st century skills.

It's not always easy to grab the attention of students. Especially for hard to teach topics. Our app will be a major move towards self-directed and social learning. Our app is in internal testing now so stay tuned!

6. An academic study into educational games

We did an academic study and write up for educational games. There's a lot of cool sources that proves that gamification could be the future of education. We are proud that we seem to be in tune with the market. With this we are glad.

Not all games are made equal. Some are made good.

7. Educational Video Games in 2019

We're excited to share about upcoming educational kickstarter video games in 2019. Kickstarter is a fantastic place for educational games.

Soqqle Updates 15 Feb 2019
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