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Soqqle Updates 14 May

As our first onboarding into 3 classes was an exciting and successful (to us) one - it was clear there was a big opportunity. Social E-learning is potential the major pathway for us.

One of the top areas that was needed was the need for better notifications, better sharing and a new way of feeds. Our next version will contain some cool new features and updates.

One of the latest feature is called Braindump. Named as a way to allow users to "dump" their knowledge - it allows a user to snap a picture and write his reflections and learning. Done within an educational setting it can be used for different types of tasks within the curriculum. We will also embed styles of blogging into it. Here's a sneek.

Another thing we needed to make sure we can capture is some form of a newsfeed. Our MVP for this is focused on sharing of what the user is doing within his school and community. Here's how it looks.

What do you think?

Soqqle Updates 14 May
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