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Soqqle unveils new 21st century heroes

We unveil the latest update in our stories for our Soqqle App. The stories are designed to be in tune with 21st century needs. Alongside the world economic forum, OECD research, we designed 3 core heroes below.


The Innovator is the son of a highly innovative entrepreneur and creative businessman. His father served primarily as a consultant for struggling companies of all sizes. He helped businesses innovate and design creative solutions to their issues that would bring their companies back from the brink. Due to his charity he had become a well respected champion of the people before he passed. Although this path also helped create enemies that have been handed down to his son.

Now, the Innovator still controls his late father’s businesses and operates as super hero as well. After living in his father’s shadow for decades he uses what he learned to assist people in ways beyond what his father could do. He uses his well-refined critical thinking and problem solving skills in both the business and hero aspects of his life. His natural communication skills give him an edge in approaching any possible client or struggling business owner. The Innovator is also known for his state of the art super-suit that helps him create the right tool to accomplish any task. Anywhere that there is a business, or family, in trouble then he will arrive to collaborate and assist in finding the solutions that achieve their goals.

The Innovator now faces the greatest threat to his professional and super hero lives. The villain known as the Shadow Professor has begun wreaking havoc amongst companies worldwide as he saps their creative thinking abilities and wipes out innovative processes. As the Shadow Professor runs rampant across the globe the Innovator gears up to fight this menace.


The Guardian is the name of a highly curious, well-trained, and completely anonymous individual that operates solely inside Digi-Space. The Guardian operates as a highly respected digital security specialist that protects individuals and businesses from various online crimes. It is rare that anyone requests the Guardian’s help as the Guardian has a talent for showing up when they are needed most. Some Digi-Space users have reported seeing the Guardian show up at multiple events at the same time. Many rumors have been spread about who, or what, the Guardian truly is. The truth about the Guardian’s identity is actually much more simple.

The Guardian is an identity that belongs to Scott Waldrop. Scott was once a military behavioral analyst and special field agent before entering Digi-Space. He lead a highly trained task force that would discover terrorist and rogue government activities before any attacks occured. His talents were in adapting to the enemy, leading the men under his command, and preparing his troops for the cultural and social situations they would be facing. After Waldrop retired he formed his own security company and placed his specialists into the best possible environments to match them with clients. When Scott discovered how effective his skillset was he imagined the amount of good he could do within Digi-Space if he was left to pick whom he assisted and whom he hunted down without having to worry about payment. This line of thought kick started the process of developing the Guardian identity. There are many enemies of Waldrop’s past life that have surfaced in Digi-Space to cause mischief.

While the Guardian can act as a single individual in Digi-Space in reality the identity is run by a group of persistent individuals that are led by Scott Waldrop himself. Scott realized many years ago that the value of a dedicated and gritty team drastically outweighs the abilities of any individual. The team he has chosen to operate as the Guardian is comprised of the world’s best behavioral scientists, Digi-Space security specialists, and anti-terrorist agents. They follow Scott’s leadership and help uncover targets for the Guardian to assist. His team runs the Guardian through their own private accounts and this allows the team to perform pinpoint accurate coordinated tasks on their own initiative.

The Guardian’s rising popularity has created some suspicion and interest in many other people on Digi-Space, including other heroes and villains.

Data Miner

The Data Miner is a special hero with the unique ability to understand raw financial and numerical mega-data in DigiSpace and quickly process and understand it without relying on slow methodical programs. Originally the Miner did not truly understand his power and how useful it could be. It was not until a new corporate job’s responsibilities had him sifting through massive files of information that he discovered his true purpose. Now, the Data Miner freelances in DigiSpace for businesses that must uncover the best way to serve their customers through mining big data and discovering pertinent scientific, numerical, and financial information.

He mines the information to find what is relevant for his client and repackages the data into easily understood packets. The Miner’s scientific, financial, and cultural literacy allows him to sift through new information rapidly. He does this with the help of his robotic companion, Doogle, which constantly searches through DigiSpace for brand new large data files to mine. These files, also called stacks, are beacons for other data miners and there is always friendly competition among the Miners when they sift through a stack. Stacks are usually well hidden and protected by Digi-Space security teams. Illegally identified stacks fetch a high price on the open market and not every data miner that attempts to scour the stack does so with good intentions. It is up to the Data Miner in these circumstances to recover the information before any others. Each stack is harder to crack than others and none have proved too difficult for the Data Miner.

Soqqle unveils new 21st century heroes
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