Soqqle pioneers new self directed learning tool in mainstream local polytechnic in Singapore

[20 Apr, Singapore] Soqqle, a mobile app that aims to make learning social and immersive, started it's pilot in a mainstream local polytechnic in Singapore this week. Used for the module "Emerging Technology", the app will contribute to participation points. The app uses gamification like group rewards, Blockchain to drive classroom social learning. Throughout the 3 month module, the app will be enhanced with features like journals and challenges.

3 classes were onboarded this week with close to 70 students being setup on the app. As part of the exercise, teams were automatically formed using the game-engine of the mobile app. After which students were guided towards completing an automated questions and answer task. With hundreds of pre-formed questions and answers curated from industry experts, students get up to 15 sets (75 questions) a day.  

"We needed a new way for students to be sensitized towards new trends and information. Our first few features make it easy for students to form groups and stay motivated for learning through peer to peer encouragement", says Founder of Soqqle, Daniel Shen. "We were glad that we saw and felt the energy of the students come together with friends to create 'squads' and gear-up for the module".

Jayson Chong, the Senior Lecturer of the module highlighted, "I am confident the app will reshape the engagement model for many." Students were also excited to get their hands onto the app. One left the classroom saying "Love your app, by the way!"

As part of the 3 month module, industry professionals are invited to share industry emerging technology trends. The app will be enhanced with unique journaling features to help students document their reflections in a fun way.

As education shifts towards solving deeper needs , new tools like Soqqle are needed to bring new dimensions into learning. With the 4th industrial revolution at our doorstep and new workforce needs for 21st century skills, these are critical for our human capital. Soqqle continues to lead into solving key challenges in the social and game-based learning domain.

Soqqle pioneers new self directed learning tool in mainstream local polytechnic in Singapore
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