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Soqqle partners in first-ever Singapore Ministry-fueled Blockchain Education

Soqqle was the premium platform partner for the Korea Blockchain Immersion Trip from 8 Jan to 11 Jan.  #KBIT2019

The trip was presented by Singapore Institute of Retail Studies and Nanyang Polytechnic, and organized by Walletton Holdings. Close to 30 Singapore executives attended the event to learn and adopt Blockchain. Other government statutory boards like Enterprise Singapore participated as well.

Soqqle presented it's latest mobile app as a form of blended and inverse learning. Participants select stories, joins a group and completes tasks to learn new concepts. Participants use this as a way to perform learning outside the classroom.

Also, Daniel shared about best practices of Blockchain. Tokenomics and ecosystems were one of the main topics shared. Highlighting the needs for a impactful ecosystem, Soqqle aims to connect personal and professional entities in a Blockchain. Soqqle often presents these topics in Blockchain events. The last notable one in EduTech Asia in Blockchain Education.


Participants were keen in the use of Soqqle App within the eco-system. One participating educational institution highlighted how youths today need some a system. There are often break times where students need to find more useful things to do. Other participants discussed with Soqqle on best eco-system design for their business.

The Korea Blockchain Immersion Trip is a year long Blockchain Education program. First of it's kind, the 8th - 11th January trip  is the inaugural trip with many more to come.

Soqqle is an educational tech that brings youths closer to brands, trends and friends. Using a unique gamification system - participants choose stories and tasks to complete. Friends with similar interests can join and complete them together.

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Soqqle partners in first-ever Singapore Ministry-fueled Blockchain Education
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