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Our Soqqle Iterations

Launched in October 2017, Soqqle was started. The platform used a basic purchsed bootstrap template called Twilli Air. We tested on the market and evaluated the opportunity of "projects" that people could perform in the platform for tokens.

Iteration One

Timeline: October - Nov
Iteration 1 of Soqqle consisted of features:

  1. A "skyscanner" type feature to aggregate freelancer jobs, events, udemy courses based on a keyword which a user keys in at the landing page
  2. Roadmap
  3. Task Manager for Deep-Dive, a Two Player Task / Hangout
  4. Auto Project

The basic

Iteration Two

Timeline: November - December
Learnings: People liked the concept and idea. Good to go to improve the design and obtain more market validation.

Features / Changes:

  1. New GUIs
  2. Events
  3. Tokens Management
  4. End to End Deep Dive - inclusive of a Task Scanner and Roadmap Scanner


Iteration Three

Timeline: January - March
Feedback: Concept was good. However the "sky scanner" wasn't a very strong offering. Neither was the task manager. In addition, projects was a two-sided network problem where if there weren't sufficient projects, people wouldn't come to do them. It also needed a high cost of market entry / advertising to get the right people who might be interested in such a feature.

So we looked at improving the gamification feel of the platform. Enterprises were also more and more interested in how gamified learning was our unique selling proposition.

Features / Changes:

  1. Ditched the skyscanner. Ditched projects
  2. Improved how the GUI was more gamified looking
  3. User Profile
  4. Achievements
  5. Skill Breakdown
  6. Gamification Engine
  7. Included a new Task: Illuminate for a Single Player Version
  8. Questions and Answers Module
  9. Character Creation: Houses and Personality
  10. Cool New Landing Page
  11. New Swanky Chatbot


Iteration Four

Timeline: April - June

I think we got it - The product that oozes energy, excitement and helps people to bond closer together. Our market test seems positive as well, with a bulk of people saying they will sign up right away.

However 30% reverted with a "I don't play games" feedback. The product has to cater with not over-gaming.

  1. Enterprise Version with Team Setup
  2. Decode (Multiple Choice Questions)
  3. New Landing Page Design with New Heroes and Houses Concept
  4. Heroes Page
  5. Ditched Progression View
  6. In Progress: Stories and Dashbaord


Iteration Five

Timeline: July - October

Now we got the other side working. Our target initial market were gamers, and we spent a whole load of time in the biggest markets (Seoul, Bangkok) and the results were enormous!

Also with the successful EduTech Asia, users were fascinated by our eco-system of bringing games into the classroom.

Product Feedback:

  1. Love the concept of social collaboration made easy for gaming
  2. A gamified social network - bring it on!
  3. A collaborative esports eco-system, advertisers, esports teams love it
  4. To Do: Gamified EduGaming for Quizzes - ability for schools to upload their own content, tiered content with sets.


Our Soqqle Iterations
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