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Soqqle demonstrates Blockchain Usecase for Education / HR Tech

The event titled “EdTech Decentralized” demonstrates why a people-first approach is important to the Blockchain Community.


The Agenda

Daniel Shen, the founder of Soqqle shared about the design of the solution and how Blockchain is going to be used. The 2 hour session hosted in Officience (Ho Chi Minh), focused on the challenges faced by the company during the inception and conceptualization of using Blockchain for Human Resource.

One of the notable takeaways was the plan to penetrate into the human resource market, and solving existing inefficiencies in the industry to capture the “people” market. This approach is targeted to solve an adoption problem that exists today for Blockchain.

Growth Focused Network

The Soqqle Platform is a Education Gaming platform with integrated social network elements to make personal development a longer-term goal. Users create a character and join a “virtual house” in the game and participate in educational challenges to grow their characters. As users complete challenges, they earn tokens which can be used to purchase upgrades.

Blockchain Powered

Blockchain is the “icing on the cake” in the system to create a single ledger across the multiple parties involved in the human capital eco-system between personal and professional development. The platform has recently closed Alpha, and expected to start BETA in early July. With locked in use-cases, companies have expressed interest in improving employee engagement for internships, high potential employees and employee onboardings.


Minh Thy, an attendee commented, “It’s refreshing to hear about a company that focuses on creating a completely new frontier market and using Blockchain to create the distributed and transparent ledger around it.”

Soqqle demonstrates Blockchain Usecase for Education / HR Tech
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