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Soqqle — A New Cool Story

Startup Lessons: We think we hit the nail on the spot on this market need. Deeper personal connections with purpose towards the Future of Work.

Product Management

After our 4th product iteration and speaking to at least 300 users, we come to realize one thing. People are seeking deeper connections and a sense of belonging in a world where people are getting more and more disconnected in the digital world.


Therefore we have since put into our staging environment, a new user interface that aims to show this.

A more energetic and futuristic landing page

The Branding

The new landing page boosts a more industrial 4.0 feel, with a focus on a #cyberpunk x #innovation brand.

Users are now greeted with a a stylish “how it works” flow.


A clearer user journey workflow

Next Steps

We are currently now working on the screens “Explore House” and “Explore Heroes” screens that will describe our characters available in BETA.

Soqqle — A New Cool Story
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