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The Soqqle app is a way for teachers to encourage students to create meaningful learning content that they can use to personalize learning better. Tasks are setup by the teacher which students perform at intervals of their learning journal.

For this we have setup a demo "task" for design thinking.

The Process

Download Soqqle from the store.

After you log in, you will see this screen that asks you for an unlock code. Key in "designthinking"

You do not have access to any stories

After keying in the code, click on the story that opens up.
You will see this.

Click on any of the groups, or create one for yourself.

You will see a group chat. Click on the start task to "create a task". This story is mapped to taking pictures.

You will see a camera. You can take a picture, and add text.

To review the output as an educator, log into: with | pw: 123456

Click on the approvals tab on the top navigation to see the output

Any questions please email

Demo for Soqqle
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