Our Soqqle Features - 2703

We spent a year of iterations and product market fit testing. Now, we finally got a app that contains the awesome and superior features that we think is almost a version 1.0.

Here's where we are:

Soqqle – Learning Collaboration Made Easy

Soqqle provides a means to easily pick out a learning or course topic and join a group to discuss about that topic. You are greeted by varieties of topics you can choose from upon opening the Soqqle app. By simply liking a topic, Soqqle lets you choose a group to join in or you can readily create one.

You are led to the groupchat board after joining or creating a group and others can do the same. It’s a one-stop meet & greet place where you can chat and collaborate with other students and friends, as easy as that.

Soqqle – Learning Made More Fun

Soqqle makes learning more fun with its tasks and challenges similar to game quests. You can complete tasks to earn Sparks, which you can use to buy Reward items. Reward items are boosts and upgrades to help you complete next tasks much easier or to obtain more perks.

You can start a task anytime in the groupchat board. Each task completed gives you Sparks. Tasks consist of series of topic questions you need to answer. This is where the challenge begins and the core of learning happens. Students are more interested to complete each task to gain more Sparks. You can only complete a task if you have answered the set of questions correctly. You can only answer the questions correctly if you study and research the answers. Learning has never been this enticing and rewarding before, thanks to Soqqle.

Completing tasks on your own lets you gain Sparks. But working in a group gives the group additional Bonus Sparks on top of the regular Sparks. This helps the group advance much faster in a certain learning topic. Similar to a game, it’s faster to complete game quests as a guild rather than going solo.

Soqqle – Learning Made Flexible

Soqqle allows students and users to choose their preferences if they go solo or join a group. User can join a group of a certain topic but is still able to create a new one of the same topic for his own solo-learning. He can still join more groups of the same topic if he prefers to. Different groups may have different methods of learning. By joining in many groups, students can have multiple learning experiences.

Soqqle – Growth Driven Learning

Most learning systems follow the traditional listing of topics sorted by difficulty level. This is supposed to guide students to follow and move from one topic to the next. But all topics are readily open and students can opt to start anywhere they want. The guided list may no longer be that effective if that's the case.

Soqqle goes out of this tradition and introduces an innovative way of learning. Soqqle presents students with topic stories. Each story is composed of tasks to complete. Once all tasks are completed, new stories are unlocked. Story progression starts from beginner level going through advanced level.

Locked stories are unknown to students until they are able to unlock them. You can only unlock the next level if you pass the previous level. Difficulty increases as students progress to next levels. Many games are designed this way. Character skills are unlocked when certain levels are reached. New weapons, armor or upgrade items are unlocked when quests are completed. In the same way, Soqqle mimics the same excitement experienced in games into its app.

Soqqle – Assistive Learning

Soqqle provides different ways of keeping information to assist students.

One main way is to track learning is through the Groups feature. Students can easily access and work on each topic and task from the Groups screen. Each group shows the number of tasks completed and the number of tasks to complete the story chapter. This is shown as ‘# /#’ at the top left corner on each group. The experience points (xp) are also shown at the bottom left corner.

Students can select a group from the Groups screen to open the groupchat board. The groupchat board keeps track of the number of Sparks, Bonus Sparks, Reward items and xp points. The groupchat board also serves as a history log. It stores notification of each task completed and all group discussions.

Soqqle – Learning Made More Rewarding

Soqqle brings students and users to a rewarding experience that boosts their motivation. Through its Achievements feature, students can visit their achievements anytime. Students can access this from the top left panel of the Homescreen.

Achievements are sorted by type. Students can swipe and select at the top selection bar which type they want to see. Each achievement has a progress bar to see how far along is the student to completion. Each completed achievement grants the students with different rewards called Illuminate or Deepdive. Achievement progress is calculated based on the tasks completed by a student alone or when in a team.

Completing tasks gives students and teams Sparks and additional Bonus Sparks for teams. Sparks can be used to purchase Reward items. To access this, select the top left panel from the Homescreen then go to Rewards. Select an item you want and click Buy. Items are not available for purchase if you don’t have enough Sparks to buy them. Purchased rewards are available on each groupchat board, where you can use anytime.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Our Soqqle Features - 2703
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