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Learning with Gaming and AI - No Books Required

There is a need to shift gears on how we take education. As industries start to shift deeper into automation and digitalization, core skills needed are changing rapidly.

These are now called 21st Century Skills. And they aren't easy to teach. One way is to look at how our current generation is connecting and engaging. With that knowledge, we could adapt accordingly.

Connectome is hosting a Game x AI event  on 20 Feb 2019 7pm. Daniel Shen, Founder of Soqqle will share how AI-assisted learning in games could push under-developed game-based learning and connected learning for public good games. The event will be held in Found. Prinsep Street.

Register here, or on the Facebook Event here.

A new wave of entertainment

Youths are tuning in more to entertainment sports (E-sports). With teams across the world battling out for honor and glory, fans come out in troves to support. To perform well, players have to figure out about team work. They have to figure out how to play their roles well within the team. Most of all, there is a need to ensure proper communication both within and out of the game.

See Differently

The new social

The ways gamers learn and engage within the digital environment are unique. Gamers engage with fans in forums, in guild chats, or other channels like Twitch. The roles has switched from consumer to prosumers. As gamers consume new concepts or theories, they use their new knowledge to produce new content. In other cases, streamers take the measures further by consuming video skills and producing content on their channels.

Assisting life skills with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has recently contributed to how people adopt learning in games. Firstly, by giving artificial intelligence games, they would do what humans do too. Play it all day. However it creates a unique attribute sometimes missing humans: "curiosity". Claimed to be the way to create futuristic bots like "rescue bots", these could give insights to how youths could learn such life skills.

There are other examples of how Artificial intelligence is used to train artificial intelligence. Bernard Marr mentions them here. One especially cool example is recognizing that computers may see representations in a wider view then humans. These could help assist how humans see data and content around us if trained well.

Keeping up with High Speed

Assisting life skills with Big Data

Big data is often said to be what is required for companies to remain competitive in the future. Vendors have therefore upped their message that big data and analytics is essential to sustain your competitive advantage.

Gartner describes it below:

"Big data" is high-volume, -velocity and -variety information assets that demand cost-effective, innovative forms of information processing for enhanced insight and decision making.

Whilst its certainly important to learn and make sense of current data to sustain immediate benefits, the future is a lot more complex. There's a need to learn and understand how and what innovation truly is. Combine that with emerging technology and the method could become blurry. These skillsets for 21st century skills fall within the category "literacy".


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning could help developing pedagogies in learning. Join us in the event in Feb 20 to find out more.

Register here, or on the Facebook Event here.

Learning with Gaming and AI - No Books Required
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