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Game Creation Made Easy at EduTech Asia 2018

[10 October, Singapore] Soqqle showcased for the first time, a game creation platform for educators during EduTech Asia 2018 in Suntec Singapore on 9 and 10th October. Played like a roleplaying game, the platform aims to be the very first MMORPEG, with E, representing Education.

Game Based Learning is the core benefit of the Soqqle platform. With a virtual world called Digispace, users come together to follow heroes, complete tasks and earn cool rewards on the Blockchain. Gathering interests of schools and educational institutions from primary to university level, audiences were interested about this new platform that could transform the way classroom learning is done.

“The rise of E-Sports has proven that our youths is ripe for competition and glory. Soqqle aims to bring this into classrooms by introducing the genre of Edutainment-Sports to bring positive gaming to youths.” says, Daniel Shen Founder of Soqqle. “Educators have heard about how the ministry of education is moving away from traditional academic education and is gearing towards sustainable learning. Here is a tool that could propel them there.”

Primed towards Tertiary and University students, the system rewards users who complete quizzes on the platform based on self-directed research. Several onboarding, and trial workshops have been setup to follow up.

Started in 2017 August, Soqqle was created with the vision to help reduce the gap between our personal and professional development.

Through months of iterative development process with market research and testing around Asia, the platform garnered positive reviews of it’s innovative, tech-focus and eco-system approach towards growth.

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Game Creation Made Easy at EduTech Asia 2018
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