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Game-Based Learning, Ripe for the Future?

More then 360 million unique viewers watched a League of Legends "Mid-Season-Invitational" match. That is about 3 times more then a superbowl and 10 times more then a NBA final.

The question therefore that has arisen recently, can the rise of electronic gaming create a new forefront for the education sector?

The History of Game-Based Learning

Game-based learning is not a new topic, but people have struggled with the usage and adoption. Introduced here, Game based learning is an approach through which games (typically through gaming software) help achieve learning by immersing oneself in the game, rather than engaging with traditional gamification practices.

Game-Based Learning has evolved. When the first education game Oregon Trail was created in 1971, it was touted as the first ever educational game. Games have changed since then. They have become way more fun, cool and exciting.

The Role of Games in this Revolution

But why is 2018 - 2019 any different? The answer is simple, we are at the age of digital transformation and rising hyper-millennials (Gen-Z). Traditional ways to engage learners has shown to be not as effective as in the past. Wheres past generations grew up in assembly-line workforces that type-cast people into roles, the upcoming generations need unique skills to solidify their future. As evidenced as the rise of esports, youths have a much higher of catching on to game-based learning to acquire those skills.

And the reasons are pretty clear on why digital game-based-learning may be the future. James Paul Gee of Arizona State University states that games yield 3 unique key benefits in empowering learnerss, making learning problem based and ensuring understanding is deep.

Problem: The lack of infrastructure

However its not easy to adopt this new learning style. To design a game-based learning tool, it requires a certain set of skills. Described here, techniques used often require the same tedious process to design a game - a full-fledge profession. During September 16, Professor Eddy pitched in Thailand during the "Falling Walls Labs" his goal to build a new game-based learning tool that could be used as a platform for others to adopt in schools.

A unique new MMORPEG

But there is a new class of mega-ecosystems that is rising today. This is coming from the growth of a revolutionary new technology called "Blockchain". Participants are integrated together with digital tokens as incentives and a unbreakable link called "Blockchain". Similar to a digital online game, these digital tokens could be used as incentives for users to claim cool rewards.

One such platform rising out of the Blockchain and Gamification world is Soqqle. Aiming to help people to understand better their "Soqqle of Friends", they are exhibiting in EduTech Asia 2018 in Suntec Singapore. Soqqle is a game-based learning social platform for users to find out more about their friends and institutions through customizable stories, tasks and objectives set by the institutions themselves. Through these, users earn cool rewards like achievements and tokens.

Educators can easily customize content and rewards to learners and participate in a game-based eco-system, often linked our to external brands aiming to incentive users to participate in meaningful goals.

With this, Soqqle aims to create a new type of genre called MMORPEG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Educational Game)


With a new rise in electronic gaming as seen in Esports, it is about time that the "brother" educational gaming step up. With the evidenced benefits of game-based learning, there will be no losers in this revolutionary game.

Game-Based Learning, Ripe for the Future?
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