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5 ways a Hackathon can upscale your professional profile

A Hackathon can create a pioneering boost in your professional profile. Hackathons are often overlooked in it's ability to showcase talented skills.

Here are 5 ways where Hackathons can create more visibility, and upskill your talent.

Enhance your entry level experience

Many students or graduates feel they don't have experience to make meaningful change. Whilst some may enjoy doing internships during summer breaks, not all do.

An alternative to internships is to join Hackathons. You can add the ideas and products created out of Hackathon in your resume. These could then be awesome talking points in interviews.

As products out of Hackathons often use state of the art tech, they could be very attractive to companies.

Expand your skillset

Hackathons usually connect developers and non developers to brainstorm and develop ideas. Here members can highlight quick rapidfire tools suitable for prototyping. Here you can learn how to build prototypes quicker and cheaper (even free!)

You can also learn about distribution channels. In some Hackathons (depending on the team), some are fluent in non programming roles.  Some of the hardest roles in a business sit on the product and marketing front. Learning how to create access for a business could be influential for your skillset.  

Showcase your collaborative skills

C Companies nowadays do not just hire based on hard skills. Collaborative skills are as important then hard skills. These can create new conversations in interviews, and create a vital point in your resume.

The ability to work with members with diverse backgrounds can set yourself apart.  

Some skills to emphasize on is project management, communication, negotiation skills.

Showcase your problem solving skills,

In Hackathons, one of the most important tasks in the beginning is to identify the problem to solve. These can involve research to discover some of the world's most pressing problems. In this situation you will discover new things about yourself you never knew of. Most importantly, it could open up a world of problem solving skills.

Its often claimed that if someone hasn't solved it, its either not a problem, or its impossible to solve. But sometimes taking the path less often traveled is critical. Here you will get to discuss and explore new ways or angles of approaching problems.  

Find and express your passion

Nothing is more important in your career then idetifying and expressing your passion. In Hackathons you may find the perfect mix of people to work with and create the next big thing. Or identify a problem so deep that you want to be a part of for your career.

It will create a cool new story when the interviewer asks you "Why do you want to work for our company". The story will go like this:

"I participated in a Hackathon last Summer. In this Hackathon i learnt many cool skills, and met many cool people. But the most important thing i learnt was about my life's passion. I deep-dived into the problem a lot more later and found that your company is tackling this at it's roots. I am impressed by.. xxx"

Special! Network & Get Hired

Companies join Hackathons to learn whats happening in the industry. They get to pick up new tools and find good fits for their talent pool.

If you are lucky, you will meet companies with problem statements that you align to. Showcase all the cool talents you have (Above) and you could win that job and develop your pathways to the future!

An upcoming Global Tech Challenge Blockchain Hackathon

One such Hackathon is the Global Tech Challenge powered by SkillsFuture in Singapore on 14-16 June. Focusing on the Future of Work, this event pre-trains on Blockchain, Design and other skills. All you need to make a meaningful impact in the world of Industry 4.0.

Register here: https://www.globaltechchallenge.com/ or NBC.devpost.com

5 ways a Hackathon can upscale your professional profile
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